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Expecting The Unexpected

Surprised with my picture? Me too. For the first time in my life I have hoses going all over my body, yet I'm only 26 going 27 in 2 months time. Did I ever expect this? Never! I'm having some problems breathing and these hoses help me breathe. It's unpleasant and stressing to see yourself turning from a normal human being into a cyborg like creature (okay that one I was a bit exagerrating hehe). Still with this condition I can be thankful and learned some lessons. I thank God for creating the inventors of these machines helping me so I can still survive to see my beloved wife and child and hopefully our child to be born in a month's time. What did I learn? First lesson, pay it forward! Prepare yourself with contigency plans. Think of the worst that can happen to you and how you can reduce the risk incurred. I survived it to thr doctor last night because of this. I'm riding a motorcycle in a bad breathing condition but still able to survive because I prepared the sho

Sebuah Renungan Untuk Hari Sumpah Pemuda

Jakarta, 28 Oktober 1928 Pertama Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe bertoempah darah jang satoe, tanah Indonesia. Kedoea Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe berbangsa jang satoe, bangsa Indonesia. Ketiga Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mendjoendjoeng bahasa persatoean, bahasa Indonesia. Pada suatu hari, 82 tahun yang lalu saat negara kita masih dijajah, para pemuda pejuang berkumpul di Jakarta untuk melaksanakan kongres pemuda. Pada kongres tersebut diikrarkan sumpah pemuda, sebuah janji setia para pemuda bagi negerinya yang mengakui bertumpah darah yang satu, berbangsa yang satu dan berbahasa persatuan yang satu. Titik tersebut dalam sejarah bangsa Indonesia menjadi salah satu tonggak penting dalam perjuangan bangsa Indonesia dalam meraih kemerdekaan. Kini, 82 tahun setelahnya, yang terjadi seperti kebalikannya. Saat kita sudah merdeka dan rakyat bisa seluruhnya menikmati kemerdekaan dan berkarya untuk kemajuan bangsa, rakyat kita malah seperti mengal

Falling Down & Getting Back Up

One of my personal philosophies is: When you're up, reflect back to the times you're down. That should keep your feet in the ground.  I always picture back my struggling times back when I was still in university. Times when life was a lot harder and the world always seemed to come to an end for my life. Every day I woke up asking God if He would make the day easier than before. But then after I got my first job at a learning center, things started to improve. I graduated and took my master degree and things got even better. I moved to another company and got better positions. But then, the wheel starts it's down turn and my life started going down again. I got some problems at work and lose my job. But then I did not blame the world because I believe that things will take turn and this is my turn to hit the ground again. Also I thank God because now I can concentrate on my master studies. I started concentrating on Emfeld and got some projects to support my life. Lif

Taking A New Step

I finally installed Linux in my beloved Acer notebook. After almost 3 years running only on XP, yesterday I installed Backtrack 4 R1 to accommodate my needs in testing the security framework on my web applications. Using Linux is actually not a pain in the ass (just like what Microsoft lovers say). I like windows for its simplicity, graphical ability and the GAMES. But I like Linux for it's flexibility, python friendliness, virus free environment, and how it's speed plus stability in surfing the slowy (not speedy) Indonesian internet connection. Now, I have both running on dual boot in my laptop to meet all my needs. So, when you think you're satisfied enough with your windows, try switching for a while to Linux. Choose simple distros like ubuntu and you'll be amazed of what you can do. Regards -E- Follow @femmerling on twitter

On Hacking: How To Prevent

Hacking is the biggest threat in the web environment nowadays with millions of attacks daily to major sites such as Google, Yahoo!, and mostly Microsoft. Being a website developer, I need to learn how to hack and how to have the hacker way of thinking. What for? Simple. I need to know the vulnerabilities of the web I'm developing. This is mostly known as ethical hacking. There are various hacking methods that people use nowadays. Here are some examples: XSS/CSS (Cross-Site Scripting) This attack exploits people's ignorance towards the links they're clicking. The link can redirect to another site aimed at getting important information. So, you might want to be careful and check before you click. This is also known as exploit and this problem is still faced by big players like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Brute Force Attack This is the most traditional hacking attempt known by mankind. The attack is simple, the hacker will input a large number of possible password combination a

Miracles In Our Lives

Whenever I feel gloomy about my life, I always try to look back at things that happened in my life. I remembered that there were hard times when I feel like nothing else could be worse than my life. Times when all you do is wrong and you can do nothing about it. When that kind of time happened, sometimes I wanted to run away and hide. But then, something miraculous happened and everything goes back on track. It's like God always want to show us that if you're patient enough, when you've reached your limit, God will always show you a way out. Most of the people that I know don't really believe in miracles because they usually ask for miracles without trying. That is something wrong according to me cuz actually God wants us to try first. Miracle comes in various ways, even ways that you'd never thought of. I remembered my late brother whenever I remember about miracles. I remember when he was jobless and really needed some money. What he did at that time was he pu

Together Forever

Since the first time I saw you You gave meanings to my life And since that time I want to live my life with you And now we walk hand in hand Towards our future together Thank you my love You've chosen me To live this wonderful life with you Thank you my love I only want you To always be by my side through this life Only with you For all my time   dedicated to my wife, Oktavia Nengsih... I may not be perfect, but I'll always do my best for you...   -E-   Follow @femmerling on twitter

Give Your Mind Some Fresh Air

Life nowadays can be such a big burden to our minds. The bills we need to pay, the pressure at work, disputes with friends and many other things are really getting on our nerves. Most of the times we can not think clearly because our minds are polluted with those things. What do we need to do in that situation? Give your mind some fresh air. Take a break from whatever you're doing to do things that does not require heavy thinking. I'm not saying that you should do your hobby because maybe your hobby is creating program codes (sounds familiar?) and that requires a lot of heavy thinking. Do simple things like reading comic books or light jokes. Meditate if you like it. Do some crazy non thinking sports (not chess for sure) like bungy jumping or paragliding. Be brave and explore the possibilities when you're not thinking. Why do we need this? Simple. Your mind needs to rest to get a better feel of yourself. When my mind is filled with all those heavy thoughts I

Enterring Ramadhan

Once a year, the holy month of Ramadhan visits us to remind us of the good way of living our lives. We're reminded what hunger feels like and also to help others around us. Every year, I always welcome Ramadhan as a chance to rearrange my life in a good way. Hope this year will be as blessfull as it always has. Enterring the holy month, from the depth of my heart, I ask for forgiveness from all of you for all the mistakes I've made. My this holy month be blessfull for all of us. Happy Ramadhan everybody!!! -E- Follow @femmerling on twitter

Mindset & How it Affects Our Lives

I was raised in a family based on two different cultures. My dad is a German and see things the European way. On the other hand, my late mom was an Indonesian raised in thick Javanese culture and educated in a European schooling system. With all those family facts, I grew up in Indonesia, a country with various diversities and contrasting customs and mindsets, sometimes even different districts have different customs. Unfortunately, people raised in these different customs tend to have a mindset which sees differences as a bad thing. For example, marrying someone from a different cultural tribe is not approved simply because the different cultural traits and habbits. I don't know what's causing this but basically it's in the people themselves. Why? Simply because at school we were taught to appreciate and respect differences. But, the mindset taught at home created a mental barrier that blocks people from seeing things objectively. This way, you,re actually creating barri

Time For Germany

World Cup 2010 is here and soccer fever is everywhere. As a soccer fan and a player, I followed the world cup games that is currently in the last few games of the preliminary round, a decisive time for teams to break into the knockout stage. I rememberred when I was 6 years old. It was the time of World Cup 1990. My family watched the final between Germany and Argentina in which the Germans won by 1-0. The goal was scored by Andreas Brehme from the penalty spot. That was my first time watching a world cup match and as a half-German I fell in love with Die Nationalmannschaft with J├╝rgen Klinsmann being my favourite player. During the last 20 years I've witnessed Germany's matches. I saw them lift 2 trophies, World Cup 1990 and Euro 1996. I witnessed Klinsmann's upset face when they lost against Bulgaria in 1994 and Croatia in 1998. I've witnessed changes in the trend from having mostly 'experienced' (old) players into the team of young guns Germany is in

And I Say Thank You To The Internet

I started using the internet back in 1998. I was amazed by the things I found on the net back then and I believe that the internet will be very useful in the future. That is also one of the reasons why I took information technology for my bachelor degree and continue to dig deeper into the usage of the net. After years of wandering around the net, I finally say a really big thank you to the internet because of the story I'll tell you next. In 2010, 12 years after my first use, the internet rewarded me nicely. My father, Kurt Adalbert Emmerling, is the youngest of four, Bert, Erich, Ingeborg, and himself. He was born in Indonesia on June 29, 1938. He spent his childhood in Bogor, a city south of Jakarta famous for the Raffles Botanical garden. He was really close with his older brother, Erich. Now, just by reading the name, you can tell where I got my middle name from. Around the late 1940s, my dad lived in a boarding house separated from his family. He went to school and then

False Solidarity

Lately there's this wave of protest across Indonesia due to the attack launched by Israel on the Mavi Marmara Ship. Everyone's shouting at the government and condemning the action. Most of the protesters are angry because 12 Indonesians were aboard the ship with 2 injured due to the attack. What they shouted was mostly about helping their fellow Moeslems in in the Gaza strip. They feel that helping fellow Moeslems is the most important thing to do. Nothing wrong with that, but deep inside I feel that this is a false form of solidarity. Most Indonesian Moeslems feel strong relationship and solidarity with those Moeslems in the middle-east region. A view that, in my humble opinion, blinds them from objectively seeing the actual fundamental root cause of the Israel - Palestine conflict. It's basically a conflict fighting for their territory. It will be the same conflict even if Palestine is inhabited by Hindus or Buddhist or whatever other religion. The conflict has nothing

Dear Humans...

Welcome to the world full of hatred and greed. A world where differences are treated like sins. A world where violence is the first, not the last resort. Humans have forgotten so many values, important and fundamental values I should say. Now humans let their anger control themselves and destroy their own world. Some people say that they care about peace, but still they try to make peace by performing violence. In the end, violence is the one that will be harvested. What happenned to peace? What happened to unity? What happened to tolerance? What happened to the feeling of care for fellow human beings? Even animals care about their own kind and they do not prey their own kind. Why do we humans kill other humans and take advantage from others? This world is now deteriorating, not slowly but fast. If everyone goes by this direction we're heading into, we'll see the end of mankind anytime soon. When greed, hatred and violence control people's lives, the world is not goin

Living Now, Not In The Past, and Looking Forward To The Future

There's no one in this world without a past. The people you see today are results of processes happening at previous times. Be it being born, graduating from education, broken hearts, marriages, divorces, traumatic experiences, and a lot of other things, you name it yourself. Everybody writes their own history even though they may not direct it themselves. All of the historic moments actually formed us into what we are today. Writing this post is also a result of my own personal history. These histories we had, some are nice and memorable, some are average, and some are those moments you wish to only happen in your nightmares. Despite of the fact that the nature differs from one history to another, it shares one characteristic, there will always be lessons behind all the experiences. Learning the lesson is not always done by most people. This causes the historic moments to repeat itself along the life of those people. Some people had similar accidents twice or three times becau