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2012: Nawaran time!

We've just went past 2011. A lot of things happened in 2011 and I found those things enriching me in many ways. I always try looking at things from a positive point of view because it helps me in analyzing what I need to always become better. As always, I have my new year resolutions for each year and in 2011 I failed in fulfilling some, which are: to buy a car to be more discipline at the 5-time prayer For sure these two will be on my resolution list this year. My other resolutions are as follows: I'll be launching a startup on my son's birthday tonight at 7 PM Jakarta time. The startup is something I've been working on for about a quarter in 2011. This startup is derived from various concepts in my bachelor and master degree thesis. To add a twist, I insert Indonesian cultural elements inside it. I'm sure that the socio-cultural e-commerce platform of Nawaran can really develop and become something in the Indonesian internet commerce market. My new year r