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Life Changes, Life Takes You to Places

Daily life is unstoppable. Moreover, it is also unpredictable and fast changing. About a year and a half ago, I can never tell what my life would be during that period of time. At that time I was unemployed, finishing my thesis, and trying to do some freelance jobs just to survive. I thought that I'd simply finish my master degree and try my luck by going seriously at the freelance business market. I couldn't think of working a full time job for a big company or even marriage. The only thing I have in mind is that those things will come after a few years. But then, in a matter of months, everything started to change. Yes, I did finish my master degree in time. But then, 2 days from my thesis defense, I got a call from a big company setting up a job interview. The company is a big 4 consulting firm and is very capable in the field of governance consulting, the field of my dreams. A few days afterwards I did the interview and 4 days from there I was hired as a senior consultant