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Define Who You Are

Most of the time, we are defined and labeled by what we do to make a living or by what we have. For instance, John, the IT guy or Michael the manager. Sometimes people label people based on possessions. Donny, the Mercedes owner, for example. The way people refer to us that way is actually wrong. Why? Simply because if we lose all those jobs or possessions, who the hell are we? I've always been known as the debater, the auditor or the IT guy but I refuse to be defined by all of those. I am simply a dreamer and a learner, and that is how I want people to label me. You cant take my dreams away from me and I always learn something new every day. Try to brand yourself by what's in you and not what's outside of you. You'll respect yourself better and you'll start seeing things differently. Remember that by doing that you live up to your own expectations, not others. Learn to define yourself! regards -E- A dreamer and lifelong learner follow @femmerling