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MotherNature: A Framework-Agnostic Python Environment Variables Manager

In today's fast-paced tech startup environment you need to ship things fast. This makes way to the blossoming continuous integration and code promotion system. Continuous integration and code promotion have several requirements. One of it is environment variables management. This will enable your code promotion easier. Change your environments and you still get the correct values.  In python world there are tools for this but most of it are tailored to certain frameworks. Take Flask-Environments and Django-Environ. These solutions does not always work everywhere. About 4 months ago, the app I worked on requires me to use Apache Thrift. The public facing API is using Flask. I can use Flask-Environments. But, the micro-services are build using standard Thrift Servers. These babies do not have any environment variables manager. This was when I decided that I should write my own. Enter MotherNature, a framework agnostic python environment variables manager. It comes with sever