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Hitting the Refresh Button

Creativity is what drives my life. It is the reason why I took computer science as my major. IT is the reason why I can spend sleepless nights doing my codes and also the reason why I haven't blogged in a long while. I like creating things and IT developers are artists and creators in their own ways. About 2 months ago I met with several people offering investments. They want to establish an IT business venture. I was excited, but then somehow, in the middle of the road, things get bumpy and we cancelled the cooperations. I was disappointed because I knew the ideas we were about to build would require massive capitals in order for it to succeed. Then I spent nights after nights thinking on what to do next. I entered the period I call frozen mind. A state of mind where you feel that you're no longer creative. A state of mind that causes someone like me feeling powerless. I feel that I cannot develop anymore when actually I could. In the middle of it all, I tried to warm thi