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Sebuah Renungan Untuk Hari Sumpah Pemuda

Jakarta, 28 Oktober 1928 Pertama Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe bertoempah darah jang satoe, tanah Indonesia. Kedoea Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mengakoe berbangsa jang satoe, bangsa Indonesia. Ketiga Kami poetera dan poeteri Indonesia, mendjoendjoeng bahasa persatoean, bahasa Indonesia. Pada suatu hari, 82 tahun yang lalu saat negara kita masih dijajah, para pemuda pejuang berkumpul di Jakarta untuk melaksanakan kongres pemuda. Pada kongres tersebut diikrarkan sumpah pemuda, sebuah janji setia para pemuda bagi negerinya yang mengakui bertumpah darah yang satu, berbangsa yang satu dan berbahasa persatuan yang satu. Titik tersebut dalam sejarah bangsa Indonesia menjadi salah satu tonggak penting dalam perjuangan bangsa Indonesia dalam meraih kemerdekaan. Kini, 82 tahun setelahnya, yang terjadi seperti kebalikannya. Saat kita sudah merdeka dan rakyat bisa seluruhnya menikmati kemerdekaan dan berkarya untuk kemajuan bangsa, rakyat kita malah seperti mengal

Falling Down & Getting Back Up

One of my personal philosophies is: When you're up, reflect back to the times you're down. That should keep your feet in the ground.  I always picture back my struggling times back when I was still in university. Times when life was a lot harder and the world always seemed to come to an end for my life. Every day I woke up asking God if He would make the day easier than before. But then after I got my first job at a learning center, things started to improve. I graduated and took my master degree and things got even better. I moved to another company and got better positions. But then, the wheel starts it's down turn and my life started going down again. I got some problems at work and lose my job. But then I did not blame the world because I believe that things will take turn and this is my turn to hit the ground again. Also I thank God because now I can concentrate on my master studies. I started concentrating on Emfeld and got some projects to support my life. Lif

Taking A New Step

I finally installed Linux in my beloved Acer notebook. After almost 3 years running only on XP, yesterday I installed Backtrack 4 R1 to accommodate my needs in testing the security framework on my web applications. Using Linux is actually not a pain in the ass (just like what Microsoft lovers say). I like windows for its simplicity, graphical ability and the GAMES. But I like Linux for it's flexibility, python friendliness, virus free environment, and how it's speed plus stability in surfing the slowy (not speedy) Indonesian internet connection. Now, I have both running on dual boot in my laptop to meet all my needs. So, when you think you're satisfied enough with your windows, try switching for a while to Linux. Choose simple distros like ubuntu and you'll be amazed of what you can do. Regards -E- Follow @femmerling on twitter