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Life 2.0: A Web Developer's View

Life is actually a very big computer. It works in a coordinated way and it has clear algorithms for every process. Every day is a new program. You start in the morning by planning your day and create a flowchart. Sometimes your planning is kept in a stored procedure, just so it will repeat itself. Then you develop your day with your codes. Life will react to your codes. Your codes are your interactions with people and how you control yourself in doing things. If you use the right codes, things will go smoothly as planned. Sometimes you'll get warnings and sometimes you'll get error messages. When that happens, it's time for you to look back at your codes and debug. This is necessary to ensure smoothness in life processes. People tend to think that we, computer nerds, only see things from a strange point of view. But, when you view it this way, our view is very much human. So living life is actually like a system development life cycle. You plan, design, write co