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Living Now, Not In The Past, and Looking Forward To The Future

There's no one in this world without a past. The people you see today are results of processes happening at previous times. Be it being born, graduating from education, broken hearts, marriages, divorces, traumatic experiences, and a lot of other things, you name it yourself. Everybody writes their own history even though they may not direct it themselves. All of the historic moments actually formed us into what we are today. Writing this post is also a result of my own personal history. These histories we had, some are nice and memorable, some are average, and some are those moments you wish to only happen in your nightmares. Despite of the fact that the nature differs from one history to another, it shares one characteristic, there will always be lessons behind all the experiences. Learning the lesson is not always done by most people. This causes the historic moments to repeat itself along the life of those people. Some people had similar accidents twice or three times becau