Living Now, Not In The Past, and Looking Forward To The Future

There's no one in this world without a past. The people you see today are results of processes happening at previous times. Be it being born, graduating from education, broken hearts, marriages, divorces, traumatic experiences, and a lot of other things, you name it yourself. Everybody writes their own history even though they may not direct it themselves.

All of the historic moments actually formed us into what we are today. Writing this post is also a result of my own personal history. These histories we had, some are nice and memorable, some are average, and some are those moments you wish to only happen in your nightmares. Despite of the fact that the nature differs from one history to another, it shares one characteristic, there will always be lessons behind all the experiences.

Learning the lesson is not always done by most people. This causes the historic moments to repeat itself along the life of those people. Some people had similar accidents twice or three times because they never learn the root cause of the accident. This is easier said than done but is also not impossible. It's just that some people tend to ignore that fact that the lesson is there. They spend too much time in their sadness, looking for scapegoats and regretting their lives. This leads to endless denial of the solution that they actually need, the lessons learned behind each events.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is that you should learn from the events happening in your lives, be it positive or negative events. Having emotion is very human. However, we should control it at any time. This, stables us as humans and gives us a more objective view of the events happening. When our emotions control us, we are blurred and distracted from the reality and we can not see the root cause in the right way. So, in order to be able to see the causes clearly, we have to learn to control it. That way, we can have a crystal clear view of the events and a better view of the causes and the lessons behind everything that happens in our lives.

But then the question rises. How do you control your emotion when going through emotional moments? Do you kill that emotion? No, you don't kill the emotion as we humans are emotional beings. Instead, you let it penetrate you fully. Feel the most of pain that you can. That way you'll be fed up of the pain easier and in the end being able to control it. You might be able to say, "Okay, I've had enough pain for now. What can I do to make it go away and prevent it from coming back?". When you've reached that stage, you are able to control your emotion. It might be tough at first. You might spend a lot of time dealing with it. But, through time you'll be able to control your emotions faster.

When you're able to control it and see the lessons behind the moments, LEARN!!! Why? You still have your future ahead of you and you still have to embrace the current moment you're living in. Those leassons learned from your own history are lessons you'll never find in school. Apply the lessons and see for yourself the improvements you can make to your life. The things you experience now are your next lessons for your future so you have to always take a positive mindset of learning from everything.

Bottom line, don't regret your past and don't hate it. If you're someone bad in the past, then you can be a better person now and in the future if you want to learn the lesson.

So, control yourself in all your moments and learn the important lessons behind it. Look forward with those lessons and live positively. I'll meet the improved you in the future.


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- I live now, not in the past, and I'm looking forward to the future - Self Philosophy -


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