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5 Takeaways From My Past 5 Years With Coral, Prism, Midtrans and Gojek

A little over 5 years ago, I decided to resign from Traveloka and joined hands with my friends to help build Coral. It was an exciting project. I have a big interest in the social commerce space and Coral seemed to be a very good take at it. We built it, launched it, learned from it and in the end decided that the business model will not be sustainable. Our experiment was evidently working. Merchant's conversion rate reached over 20% on our platform but we couldn't monetise it. Then we took the decision to pivot. We took the best part of Coral, the chat-to-buy capability, and breathe life into Prism. The product helped businesses dive head first into the social commerce space with their existing platforms. One thing that a lot of people don't know was that Coral and Prism was part of Midtrans from early on. It was acquired before launch. This enabled us to do the experiment without worrying about funding. Gojek acquired Midtrans during the closing days of 2017 and Prism w