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Simple FTP Server Solution With Python

I spent the last few days dealing with setting up an ftp server on by ubuntu vps and haven't figured out a solution. Then I tried asking my friends thru my facebook account. My friend Sakti  came up with a very simple and elegant solution using python. The solution uses pyftpdlib package. To install the package is really simple: $ easy_install pyftpdlib or $ pip install pyftpdlib after that create the folowing script and save it as a python file: from pyftpdlib.authorizers import DummyAuthorizer from pyftpdlib.handlers import FTPHandler from pyftpdlib.servers import FTPServer authorizer = DummyAuthorizer() authorizer.add_user("user", "password", "/home/user", perm="elradfmw") authorizer.add_anonymous("/home/nobody") handler = FTPHandler handler.authorizer = authorizer server = FTPServer(("", 21), handler) server.serve_forever() T hen run the script and try accessing your server using ftp. Only 10 line