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EmeraldBox: My New Boilerplate Python Framework And A Mini Tutorial

I believe that developing web apps should be done in the easiest and most efficient ways. Python offers that. However, most of the available frameworks required a deep learning curve for new users and most users have problems deploying the web app. After using several python web frameworks as well as using other languages' frameworks like Rails, Django, CodeIgniter and Zend over the years, I came to a conclusion that python is the easiest and most efficient language. However, it will require tools that may speed up development. It that sense, Rails has a very good approach and will be implemented for the helper tools. Integration with 3rd party packages should also comes easily without having the need to interfere with the main OS, hence comes virtualenv. Thus, comes EmeraldBox, an easy-to-use, light-weight, and easy-to-deploy framework. EmeraldBox comes in a localized environment and includes standard packages that are commonly used in web development. The tool includes f