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Our Lives and Our Pasts

I believe in the butterfly effect. They say that a single flap of a butterfly's wings will contribute a little piece to a tornado happening a year from now. When we apply this to our lives, it means that every little thing we do, will contibute to something that we will experience in the future. I tend to forget this theory when I'm living life. Everything you do has a connection towards something else in the future. For example, reading this article might cause you to, perhaps, changing your own life path because you finally learn something new. You can see how people tend to blame situations and conditions for what is happening in life. But, you should actually see that something you did in the past contributes to the situation and condition that you're facing. Nothing is happening without any precedent. So, what can we learn from this? Several things, actually. First, think carefully when you're about to decide or do something because it may affect your future.

Mysterious Lessons

As humans live their lives, they went through various events. Some events are pleasant and give them nice memories. But on the other hand, other events are painful and sometimes leave deep wounds inside one's memories. Some people curse these conditions. I say, that you should be thankful of what ever happens in your life. If you try to look deeper, you can actually find lessons behind every single event that took place in the history of your life. Say for example, you lost the one you love because that person thinks that that person cant be with you. Some might think that it's the end of their lives. Some might curse the condition and grew hatred inside their heart. Some others might be confused and perhaps even be scared of starting relationships. This condition is actually the time for you to reflect and ask yourselves. What can you do to make yourself a better person. I know it's easy to whine about the conditions you face. But, whining will block you from seeing th