Mysterious Lessons

As humans live their lives, they went through various events. Some events are pleasant and give them nice memories. But on the other hand, other events are painful and sometimes leave deep wounds inside one's memories.

Some people curse these conditions. I say, that you should be thankful of what ever happens in your life. If you try to look deeper, you can actually find lessons behind every single event that took place in the history of your life. Say for example, you lost the one you love because that person thinks that that person cant be with you. Some might think that it's the end of their lives. Some might curse the condition and grew hatred inside their heart. Some others might be confused and perhaps even be scared of starting relationships. This condition is actually the time for you to reflect and ask yourselves. What can you do to make yourself a better person.

I know it's easy to whine about the conditions you face. But, whining will block you from seeing the actual lesson behind the events in your lives. Whining creates a mental barrier that can actually be bad for your emotional health and also for your self development.

So, what can we do to overcome these conditions?

That one, you have to ask yourselves because the answer depends on your wisdom. If you ask me, I'll say that you have to look around and be thankful first before you do anything else. Why? Sometimes people forget that actually there are people with worse problems compared to what they're going through. Try to be thankful and accept the condition you're facing. Next, you need to have a postive mindset. You need to prioritize in seeing things from the positive sides. I'm not saying that you neglect the negative sides cuz you'll need that negative sides later on in order to reflect. My point is, you need to focus more on the postive sides because that way you can find lessons and views that you cant get when you're seeing the event from negative sides.

I've been through lots of events in my life, both pleasant and painful, and I'm thankful for all those events because those events built me into the person I am now. Am I satisfied with who I am now? The answer would be yes and no. Yes, because I'm a better person compared to who I used to be and I've learned more lessosns of life every single day. No, because the only thing constant is change and I need to change to adjust with the conditions of life. That way, I am making myself a better person every single day.

Now, the question is, how do you define a better condition? Well, my friend, the answer lies inside all of you. It depends on how you respect yourselves. It depends on how you value your lives. It depends on what your expectations are. There will never be a fix answer for this question because we, humans, are unique individuals who have unique point of views.
In the end, ask yourselves, do you want to learn and improve? Or would you rather be upset and being left behind?

The answer lies inside all of you and the choice is yours.

Good luck


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