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Mindset & How it Affects Our Lives

I was raised in a family based on two different cultures. My dad is a German and see things the European way. On the other hand, my late mom was an Indonesian raised in thick Javanese culture and educated in a European schooling system. With all those family facts, I grew up in Indonesia, a country with various diversities and contrasting customs and mindsets, sometimes even different districts have different customs. Unfortunately, people raised in these different customs tend to have a mindset which sees differences as a bad thing. For example, marrying someone from a different cultural tribe is not approved simply because the different cultural traits and habbits. I don't know what's causing this but basically it's in the people themselves. Why? Simply because at school we were taught to appreciate and respect differences. But, the mindset taught at home created a mental barrier that blocks people from seeing things objectively. This way, you,re actually creating barri