Mindset & How it Affects Our Lives

I was raised in a family based on two different cultures. My dad is a German and see things the European way. On the other hand, my late mom was an Indonesian raised in thick Javanese culture and educated in a European schooling system.

With all those family facts, I grew up in Indonesia, a country with various diversities and contrasting customs and mindsets, sometimes even different districts have different customs. Unfortunately, people raised in these different customs tend to have a mindset which sees differences as a bad thing. For example, marrying someone from a different cultural tribe is not approved simply because the different cultural traits and habbits. I don't know what's causing this but basically it's in the people themselves. Why? Simply because at school we were taught to appreciate and respect differences. But, the mindset taught at home created a mental barrier that blocks people from seeing things objectively. This way, you,re actually creating barriers and limitations to your own potentials.

I have to thank my parents because they taught me to have an open mindset since day one. My parents hold different believes, dad's a Christian and mom's a Moeslem, and that's never a problem for them with all the beauties that lies deep within. They are from different races and cultures buat those things are never a problem. With that, I tend to live my life appreciating the beauties, including the different mindsets people hold, and I always try to eliminate the barriers and limitations imposed to me by my surroundings.

I wrote this post to ask you all to think again and recreate your own mindsets because most of your mindsets are drilled into your heads by your parents. I'm not saying that your mindsets are wrong it's just that you have to know the fundamentals of those mindsets. You have to know why something is wrong or right, why things happen, and why a certain judgement takes place. Basically, you have to form your own mindset so that you can find limitless potentials deep within yourselves.


It gives you more strength in dealing with the ups and downs of life. You will always try to view things with the mindsets you have to find answers to your questions. When you dont create your own mindset, there might come times when you cant find answers because you simply can't answer the big "WHY".

I'm not saying that by having your own mindset then you'll instantly be able to deal with all the questions. By forming your own mindset through learning about yourselves and the environment and through the education you've gone through, you'll have stronger foundations and a stronger grip and an oxygen to hold on when life takes you to the bottom of the deepest sea of problems. That way, hopefully you'll feel better about your live and see things from the beautiful perspectives. Enjoy the potentials and possibilities!

So, what's your mindset and have you formed your mindset yourselves?


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