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My Take on The 10X Engineer Myth

Lately the tech landscape is discussing a lot about the 10X engineer myth. It has always been a very interesting point to discuss. What makes a 10X engineer and where to find them? What’s my take on what makes a 10X engineer? Let’s see in details how I see it. No I don’t see Rambo as the ideal 10X Engineer. Based on my own experience, a 10X engineer is that team member that is able to perform to his maximum abilities. The engineer enables other team members to be as effective as possible in unlocking the team’s value. Here are some values that describes a 10X engineer. First, the engineer understands what he knows well and is well aware of the areas he needs to improve. The engineer should be able to understand the problems he’s trying to solve by applying his knowledge or by asking the right questions to gain as thorough understanding of the problem. A good understanding of the problem will leads to a more effective problem solving. Second, the engineer is

It’s Been 3 Years

It’s been 3 years since I last wrote something in this blog. Why? I’ve been really busy and I’ve been learning about a lot of things. I’ll try to start writing at least once a month moving forward. I believe I have a bunch of things I can share with all of you. As usual, it can be both life lessons of tech stuff. Hope it’ll  be useful for all of you to learn. Anyways, here’s to start writing again. regards -E- follow @femmerling on twitter visit my website