Falling Down & Getting Back Up

One of my personal philosophies is:
When you're up, reflect back to the times you're down. That should keep your feet in the ground.
 I always picture back my struggling times back when I was still in university. Times when life was a lot harder and the world always seemed to come to an end for my life. Every day I woke up asking God if He would make the day easier than before.

But then after I got my first job at a learning center, things started to improve. I graduated and took my master degree and things got even better. I moved to another company and got better positions. But then, the wheel starts it's down turn and my life started going down again. I got some problems at work and lose my job. But then I did not blame the world because I believe that things will take turn and this is my turn to hit the ground again. Also I thank God because now I can concentrate on my master studies.

I started concentrating on Emfeld and got some projects to support my life. Life's still hard though. Then I graduated and got a job at a big 4 firm. Things then started to go up again, way up! I got married. That, I considered as a new life. Then we were blessed with the birth of our daughter. And I got a new job at a large company in the financial services industry.

Then comes this recent moments when careless decisions were made and things got a bit more harder than it used to be. Things got harder for me and my wife as we struggle for the survival of our very own small but happy family. Through my experience I learned that these are the times that I have to go through to be better.

The philosophy taught me to always remember the hard times for two things. One, that the hard times are always waiting around the corner and you'll have to be careful and really think before you act. Two, that the hard times will always be passed if you and patient and maximize your effort. Keep that mentality, and hopefully you'll be able to go through life's hardest storm.

And I know I'll survive this storm.



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  1. You'll learn from downtime. it is hard, but you will get through it somehow. and i believe "Habis gelap terbitlah terang". its valid process. so keep hold on, work, and pray. Cheers my friend.

  2. Thx my friend...that is indeed a very valid proverb


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