2012: Nawaran time!

We've just went past 2011. A lot of things happened in 2011 and I found those things enriching me in many ways. I always try looking at things from a positive point of view because it helps me in analyzing what I need to always become better.

As always, I have my new year resolutions for each year and in 2011 I failed in fulfilling some, which are:
  • to buy a car
  • to be more discipline at the 5-time prayer
For sure these two will be on my resolution list this year.

My other resolutions are as follows:

  • I'll be launching a startup on my son's birthday tonight at 7 PM Jakarta time. The startup is something I've been working on for about a quarter in 2011. This startup is derived from various concepts in my bachelor and master degree thesis. To add a twist, I insert Indonesian cultural elements inside it. I'm sure that the socio-cultural e-commerce platform of Nawaran can really develop and become something in the Indonesian internet commerce market. My new year resolution is basically simple, to ensure that I adhere to the release schedule I've set earlier, Jan 1 for alpha, Feb 16 for beta, and May 29 for full release. Other than that I expect to see at least 10,000 users by the end of the year. I know that this is a pessimistic assumption. But, if I can achieve it faster, I can surely be certain that the startup is on the right track.

    I didn't launched Nawaran on January 1st since my aunt passed away on the date. However, I do gave a preview to some close friends and I am currently improving the website. Stay tuned for launch announcement.

  • My Last resolution for this year is to improve my auditor career. I am currently an acting team leader. I want to make this permanent as well as getting at least 50% of my total assignments on time.

I know that this year I'm having it 1 point less than last year. But, I also realize that the targets are harder this year, especially since I want both my auditing career and my internet venture to develop well.

By this, I welcome 2012 with the 4 resolutions mentioned above. May this year become an even better year to all of us.



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