Give Your Mind Some Fresh Air

Life nowadays can be such a big burden to our minds. The bills we need to pay, the pressure at work, disputes with friends and many other things are really getting on our nerves. Most of the times we can not think clearly because our minds are polluted with those things.

What do we need to do in that situation?

Give your mind some fresh air. Take a break from whatever you're doing to do things that does not require heavy thinking. I'm not saying that you should do your hobby because maybe your hobby is creating program codes (sounds familiar?) and that requires a lot of heavy thinking. Do simple things like reading comic books or light jokes. Meditate if you like it. Do some crazy non thinking sports (not chess for sure) like bungy jumping or paragliding. Be brave and explore the possibilities when you're not thinking.

Why do we need this?

Simple. Your mind needs to rest to get a better feel of yourself. When my mind is filled with all those heavy thoughts I inline skate aggressively to let the steam out of my head. Sure, I'll be extremely tired with some bruises all over my body. But, my mind gets the fresh air it requires to stay alive. I can maintain my performance at work and I keep on feeling good about myself. That, my friend, is a good thing.

So, whenever you feel that too much burden is being put on your minds, take a break and give your mind some fresh air.
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