Miracles In Our Lives

Whenever I feel gloomy about my life, I always try to look back at things that happened in my life. I remembered that there were hard times when I feel like nothing else could be worse than my life. Times when all you do is wrong and you can do nothing about it. When that kind of time happened, sometimes I wanted to run away and hide. But then, something miraculous happened and everything goes back on track. It's like God always want to show us that if you're patient enough, when you've reached your limit, God will always show you a way out.

Most of the people that I know don't really believe in miracles because they usually ask for miracles without trying. That is something wrong according to me cuz actually God wants us to try first. Miracle comes in various ways, even ways that you'd never thought of.

I remembered my late brother whenever I remember about miracles. I remember when he was jobless and really needed some money. What he did at that time was he put his money on lotto. And miraculously, every time he needs the cash, he always got something out of it. There's this one time when we were at the church (I was a Christian) and my brother asked me, "I wonder what God actually think about gambling." I answered, "What about it?" He then said, "God forbids us to gamble, it's stated clearly in the ten-commandment. But every time I'm in real need of money and I gamble, I always win. Is it really a sin? I mean He knows that I need the money and He definitely knows that to Him it's a sin. Why did He let me win? Are there special conditions when you are actually allowed to do those sins in order to survive? I prayed before I gamble and asked Him to help me and He always did. What do you think?" I answered, "Well, I believe that God gave His miracles to you but He works in a very mysterious way…"

Judging from that experience I believe that God actually pay attention to each of us, even to those who think that God always ignores them, and even to those who doesn't believe in God. Have you ever been in that kind of condition where everything was so bad and suddenly, without even noticing, you find a way to get you out of your problems.

There are many types of miracles in our lives. It could be something that pops up whenever you're in need, it could be something you cherish in your life, it could be anything. To me, a miracle is God's greatest gift, something special that I would never ever trade with anything else in my life. The people around me, my close friends, my extended family and especially my wife and my children are my miracles. You might think that it's not but hey, when you have them around you, you can face anything. You'd have something to hope for and you'd definitely have something to live for. Is that miraculous to me? I'd definitely say yes.

So what am I trying to say? Simple, be thankful to God and always keep on trying cuz I believe that god is paying attention to us and help us when we've reached our limit. Also, don't try to look for miracles in big and complicated things because sometimes it comes in simple things. And sometimes, sometimes, actually you already have that miracle, it's just you don't see it. So, look around and be thankful…

So, do you believe in miracles?


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This post is dedicated to my late brother Gustl Eberhard Ardjuno Frauenfeld. May you rest in peace. Thanks a lot for this lesson.

- Those who lived in the memory of their loved ones are not dead, only far away. Those who die are those who are forgotten - My Mom -


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