Expecting The Unexpected

Surprised with my picture? Me too. For the first time in my life I have hoses going all over my body, yet I'm only 26 going 27 in 2 months time.

Did I ever expect this? Never! I'm having some problems breathing and these hoses help me breathe. It's unpleasant and stressing to see yourself turning from a normal human being into a cyborg like creature (okay that one I was a bit exagerrating hehe).

Still with this condition I can be thankful and learned some lessons. I thank God for creating the inventors of these machines helping me so I can still survive to see my beloved wife and child and hopefully our child to be born in a month's time.

What did I learn?

First lesson, pay it forward! Prepare yourself with contigency plans. Think of the worst that can happen to you and how you can reduce the risk incurred. I survived it to thr doctor last night because of this. I'm riding a motorcycle in a bad breathing condition but still able to survive because I prepared the shortest path to the doctor from various roads I go through daily.

Lessson number two, the best thing you can do in crappy situations is trying to enjoy it. It's quite stressful with all these hoses attached but I'm trying to enjoy it. I know that getting stressed with it will only cause things worse.

Last and most important lesson. Get help at first indication. I failed at this point badly simply because I ignored continuous coughing symptoms happenning before. Now here I am lying in a hospital bed, powerless. Had I checked my condition before, I may be having more valuable time spend with my family and being productive at work.

But then again as I've mentioned before, I thank this situation for making me a wiser person and I'm able to value the time I have with my loved ones more.

So, from now on, I'll always be expecting the unexpected.

How about you?


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