Dear Humans...

Welcome to the world full of hatred and greed. A world where differences are treated like sins. A world where violence is the first, not the last resort.

Humans have forgotten so many values, important and fundamental values I should say. Now humans let their anger control themselves and destroy their own world. Some people say that they care about peace, but still they try to make peace by performing violence. In the end, violence is the one that will be harvested.

What happenned to peace? What happened to unity? What happened to tolerance? What happened to the feeling of care for fellow human beings? Even animals care about their own kind and they do not prey their own kind. Why do we humans kill other humans and take advantage from others?

This world is now deteriorating, not slowly but fast. If everyone goes by this direction we're heading into, we'll see the end of mankind anytime soon. When greed, hatred and violence control people's lives, the world is not going to be a better place.

I'm just a regular guy, not some guy with powers to control the world. Now, I'm inviting you all to look back in time, to remember the fundamental values of human lives. Remember that we need to have care, peace, unity, tolerance, and olso see differences as a beauty. Hopefully that way we'll have a better world to live in. Not only for us, but also for our future generations.


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