False Solidarity

Lately there's this wave of protest across Indonesia due to the attack launched by Israel on the Mavi Marmara Ship. Everyone's shouting at the government and condemning the action. Most of the protesters are angry because 12 Indonesians were aboard the ship with 2 injured due to the attack. What they shouted was mostly about helping their fellow Moeslems in in the Gaza strip. They feel that helping fellow Moeslems is the most important thing to do. Nothing wrong with that, but deep inside I feel that this is a false form of solidarity.

Most Indonesian Moeslems feel strong relationship and solidarity with those Moeslems in the middle-east region. A view that, in my humble opinion, blinds them from objectively seeing the actual fundamental root cause of the Israel - Palestine conflict. It's basically a conflict fighting for their territory. It will be the same conflict even if Palestine is inhabited by Hindus or Buddhist or whatever other religion. The conflict has nothing to do with religious views, just like the Iran-Iraq, Iraq-Kuwait, and the allied forces-Iraq conflict. All those conflicts happen because of human greed of oil, not because of religion.

Another thing about the solidarity is that most Indonesian Moeslems felt more moved to help their fellow in other areas like Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq, and other Moeslem countries than those in their own country. I'm a Moeslem living in Indonesia and I can still see that we have a lot of Moeslems actually need help. Most of them are ignored by their fellow Indonesian Moeslems because their fellows are unable to see that their surroundings actually need help. I don't know whether they're helping those who are far for popularity or whether they're doing it for a good image. What I know is that our own Moeslems who are poor or disabled need help. Take a loot at slum areas. Take a look at the children in the streets, beggars, old poor widows, orphans and other people in need of a helping hand. Those are actually those who need our help most.

Today people are rallying the streets and causes severe traffic jam in the central business district. This actually causes problems for our own country because our own economy cannot perform business smoothly and this is wrong. If you want to do your good deeds by caring about those faraway fellows, fine by me. But please, do so in a way that does not cause problems for your fellows around you. As a Moeslem, I don't feel comfortable with this condition and I support more on doing good deeds by helping our Moeslem fellows in our own surroundings. Help those beggars, street children, and other fellow Indonesian Moeslems. You can see the actual effect and you're helping your country prosper by actually helping those in dire need. That, in my humble opinion, is a very good deed.


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