Finding My Creative Freedom

It's been 9 days since I said goodbye to the web company I founded 7 years ago.

So far, I found things to be creatively liberating. I don't need to catch up with deadlines. I also found new project ideas swarm all over my head all day long. However, for the time being I decided to ignore the ideas and simply note them down for future use. Maybe this was what Steve Jobs find interesting after he quit Apple for the first time.

I realize that to be able to get forward and becoming more creative I need to empty my mind first. Then I can start filling it with fresh things. Just like the picture of an empty plate above, you'll never know what it'll be filled with.

I'm still taking a few weeks off programming stuffs while I focus on my day job as an auditor at a bank and giving my mind some rest, especially after that Dengue Fever I had a few weeks back. It's amazing how my vim editor hasn't been opened for almost a month now. A very rare thing to happen.

Now, my goal is much simpler. Learn as much as I can during this creative freedom search. Once I decided to focus on something in the future, I would have all the required ammunitions ready. But until then I have to recharge my passion and energy.

You're stuck with what you do in life? Try it my way. Quit for a while until you get the passion and energy back. Everybody needs a rest.

Here's to creating a better self!



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