Making Everyday a Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day People!

It's February 14 and everyone's busy buying chocolates and gifts for their loved ones.

I'm not one of them though.

Simply because I celebrate Valentine's day everyday.

How is that possible?

Valentine's day is known as the Love day. The day where you show your loved ones that you love them. To me that should be everyday because I love my wife every single day and I want to show her every day that I love her. I love her from the moment she wakes up in the morning, the way she smiles through her day up until the moment she smiles while she's dreaming at night.

She's special and perfect every single day. And for that, I want to show her how much I love her everyday.

I believe that this actually applies to a lot of you out there. Perhaps you never really realize it until you read this post. You can do it as well. Simply by trying to make everyday special for the two of you. As if it's your last day together.

Live your life that way with your loved ones and see the magical change in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day Octha Emmerling. I love you not just on this day but every single day of my life.



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