Sometimes I see life as an interstate highway. It's full of people heading to various destinations. Some headed for the same exit, some others just follow in the way, and even a lot are heading against your way. 

Just like a highway, interstates have entry points and exits. The one thing that didn't really happen a lot are big intersections like you see in the picture above. Both have promising destinations but you can only choose one. In some cases, you'll never see the intersection again after you make your choice. 

This, in real life, causes dilemma. Some people stopped for along time at the intersection to weigh their chances on picking each direction. Some got stuck for a very long time, some even decided not to continue the travel. Some others wished they can choose both.

I'm currently in an intersection where I have to choose. Now, I choose to stop and weigh. Both directions will come with great consequences. Some might see me as an opportunist. The truth is, I'm trying hard not to let those directions turn into a purgatory. I want the directions I choose to be paradise, a peaceful place to go to. 

This one is a tough choice for me. Each has ups and downs at almost equal level, but I cant choose both. I'm only wishing that if I can someday make that choice of direction, I can somehow find another path to return to the other direction. 

That is IF I CAN. 

For now I'll be staying in the intersection for quite some time. Long enough to know and decide. How bout you? what would you do in life's intersection?

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  1. intersection... gak mudah memang// kalau boleh aku malah mau milih semua yang jadi bagian intersection..
    tapi... jalan terakhirnya aku milih buat berhenti.. tapi gak berhenti buat makek rumus "IF I CAN"... :) atau mungkin muncul rumus baru "IF I CAN'T"//

  2. In the end I eliminate the IF I CAN part. Stopped for a while, looked at consequences and implications, pick my way and move on. That's how life should be. You make choices and you don't look back. If you happen to look back, do it only to learn from your past. Stand now and walk towards the future.

  3. Mantap bro filosofi yang bro tulis.
    Pilihan membuat kita hidup.



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