2011, A New Year Resolution?

It's January 12, 2010 and I haven't made something I used to make from year to year, my new year resolution. I openned this year with a very happy gift. My son was born at the beginning of the year. Once more, our little family is very happy and all my focus are directed towards my children.

Looking back in time, when I was in senior high, about 10 years ago, I set these long-term goals I wish to achieve in life. Some of which are:
  • Get my master degree before 25. I managed to finish my master degree on July 2008, the graduation was in November 2008, so basically I'm on the right track, going a few months faster. Target met.
  • Get married at no more than 25. I managed to get married on December 2008, or approximately 2 months before I'm 25. So this one is also met nicely.
  • Work for a company that is number 1 in the world in its field. Back in 2008, I worked for Deloitte's Enterprise Risk Services Group. The ERS is the world leader in security and privacy. So, there you go. Another target met.
  • Have my own (running) company before 30. I started Emfeld Web Technology in 2005, when I was still in university. At that time I have no idea that the company would grow and have a lot of clients. Almost 6 years since I found the company, we're going with our flagship product, intanware, the web management software. Simply saying, target met.
  • Have 3 children. This one is still in pursuit because financial calculations would definitely be in a major factor. Currently I have two little angels, Faeyza and Özil. Who knows maybe in the next five years we'll have another addition to the family.
  • Work for at least 1 european company. In late 2010, I started a cooperation with Yackety Yak, an Austrian Social Media Firm and we're starting the projects this January 2011. Now, I dont know yet whether this will turn out to be long term or not, but I'll make sure to put my best efforts into it.
So, After judging the previous long term targets, I'll set my targets for this year, which are:
  1. Buy a car. This is seriously needed this year to make sure that my family can travel to places with comfort.
  2. Ensure cooperations with Yackety Yak. Right now we're starting our first project and I want to make sure that we'll be doing more than just one projects. This whole new python development thingy is so interesting that I've had so many sleepless nights experimenting. If it runs at least until December with talks of extending the deal untill 2012 then I'll be a happy man. That is how it will be measured at the end of the year.
  3. Be more discipline at 5-time-compulsory prayer. This one goes for my resolution with God. I haven't been discipline for this during 2010 and I am looking forward to discipline myself. This one, only God can measure.
  4. Finish intanware2.0. This is the 2nd generation of the intanware software family. This time it runs under the python platform. Target completion date, end of April 2011.
  5. Be a better husband and father. I dont think I'm that good yet to be a husband or father. Nonetheless, I still need to improve a lot. My family will measure this.
I've had enough resolution for a year, I guess. 5 is a big number and it's quite hard to achieve. I'll have to make sure that I put my 110% effort to achieve all.

Until then...

Warm Regards

Fauzan Erich Emmerling

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