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Finding My Creative Freedom

It's been 9 days since I said goodbye to the web company I founded 7 years ago.

So far, I found things to be creatively liberating. I don't need to catch up with deadlines. I also found new project ideas swarm all over my head all day long. However, for the time being I decided to ignore the ideas and simply note them down for future use. Maybe this was what Steve Jobs find interesting after he quit Apple for the first time.

I realize that to be able to get forward and becoming more creative I need to empty my mind first. Then I can start filling it with fresh things. Just like the picture of an empty plate above, you'll never know what it'll be filled with.

I'm still taking a few weeks off programming stuffs while I focus on my day job as an auditor at a bank and giving my mind some rest, especially after that Dengue Fever I had a few weeks back. It's amazing how my vim editor hasn't been opened for almost a month now. A very rare thing to happen.

Now, my…

Bye Bye Web Technology

Back in 2005 I established a company that would define my career in the IT software industry. Emfeld Web Technology, or I spelled it EmFeld back then, was born from my desire to improve human lives by leveraging the web.

I built a lot of things during the years, from websites, online stores, online games and also our signature product the intanware.

Things were great until 2 things happenned. My team left for a bigger company and my health condition gets worse. I can't be handling all those projects all by myself.

So from now on, Emfeld is me and I am Emfeld. I'll use the domain for my personal site and I'll write more things in my personal blog. I'll open source some of our products on my github account. Who knows you can get something out of it anyway.

It was a good 7 years. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And so this is where Emfeld Web Technology ends...with a smile :)

Warmest regards

Fauzan Erich Emmerling

7 is a good number anyw…