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Random Pics From Jakarta

Below are some pictures taken around Jakarta. Enjoy!

All my works are available in my instagram account @femmerling.
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Indonesian Nature Pics

After getting an android phone the NASA hackathon back in april, I suddenly turn into a so-called-amateur-photographer. Photography has always been an interest. Add a tiny app called Instagram and you got some photo filter magic. Below are some of my nature photo collections. Enjoy!!!

All my works are

Changing Directions

I've always have a strong interest in software engineering. It is the reason why I took Computer Science in college and also why I minorred in software engineering.

However, since I dont have any interest in developing desktop softwares, I only had one job as a software engineer back then in 2005. I'm always interested in the web and I established my own web software company, Emfeld. I did projects and enjoyed things with Emfeld.

And so there I was, graduating from college and then from grad school working for non software companies. I even developed career paths as teachers and IT auditors.

Even when I'm enjoying my career growth, I never felt any satisfaction working outside of software engineering. I took side projects and work during the night, simply to relax and enjoy things. Yeah, you heard that right. I write codes to relax. Sounds geeky? I know, and I'm proud to be one.

Starting this year, my interest in programming grew even stronger. I joined a hackathon i…